Friday, 23 December 2016

What Jackson Wore #7

This will be the last Christmassy 'What Jackson Wore' for this year!!!! So, because of that, I thought that I would include two outfits, both have been worn loads this month. 

The jumper on this outfit was from Primark, which his Yaya kindly bought for him. The trousers are from John Lewis. 

He always has something in his hands and this week, it's a sock. Why not?!

Love his grin in this picture!! 

This second outfit includes a top that I bought for one of his advent presents. This cute top is from H&M it was very inexpensive as well! The jeans are from next, I think that they have been featured before, but they are jogger style so lets him run about still. 

He was just eating one (or maybe 2) chocolate coins.  

You can see that he enjoyed them! 

The same as always, this 'What Jackson Wore' blog is linking up with 'This Mama Life' and 'The Diary of an Ordinary Mum' for the #WeekendTotStyle. Visit one of their pages if you want to link up too! 

Love Sophia xxx 

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