Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Christmas London Trip

Chris had one day of his holiday allowance left to take at work. Originally we thought it would be lovely to go away as just the two of us for a quick weekend but after having a look at what was available, nothing really excited us, so instead he took a Friday off so we could go up to London when it was not so busy. We spent a while deciding what to do in town and after having a look online, we chose to take a trip to Winter Wonderland. I just love it there and have been quite a few times in the past for my birthday to do the ice skating. 

The thought of being on the train for too long was not appealing in my current state, so we drove to Earls Court and pre-booked parking. We then got on the underground for a few stops to Hyde Park Corner. Not only do I think that this was easier with a toddler/buggy, I think that it was also cheaper than the train fair for a Travel Card.

When we got to Winter Wonderland, we were pretty hungry so we went and got some 'Bratwurst' and chips (got to be done at a Christmas Market!). To be honest though, Jackson ate the most of the chips. His favourite thing to do is 'dip dip'! 

After food, we headed over to Santa's Grotto and, in the queue, someone offered to take a picture of all three of us, which was lovely as it's normally only one of us in the picture with Jackson. 

Santa was free to visit and he was such a good one too! He asked Jackson lots of questions and if you ask me, he was the real deal! 

We did buy a picture of all of us with Santa (had to be done). Head over to my instagram to see it. 

Jackson got given some crayons from Santa too, which he held onto the entire way around. He also has a churro in the other hand in this photo, which we just couldn't resist as soon as we saw a vendor. Unsurprisingly, he loved it!!!

He was so cute walking around watching all of the rides. He especially loved the giant teddy bears. 

We thought we would take a walk over to Harrods too, which took about 20minutes and helped Jackson nod of to sleep for a much needed nap. We took this opportunity to stop at one of the cafes in Harrods to have a coffee and a well deserved rest. 

He woke up shortly afterwards and wanted a snack, so I gave him a tangerine and some crisps from ASDA - keeping it real in Harrods! 

We had a look around the Christmas shop and the kids section. Some of the baby grows are just gorgeous but for £100 or so I just couldn't do it. Especially as I know what babies are like with gross stuff like throw-up and poo!! 

In the kids section, Jackson found a car to ride on and was playing really nicely, that is until he pulled the head and arms off of a mannequin! We quickly raced out of there shouting sorry!!!

As soon as we got back, I had a bath to help soothe my aching muscles, as after a full day of walking and being 7 months pregnant, I was surprisingly very tired!!!

Jackson stayed up for a bit as he slept most of the way home too. 

I have also created a Vlog of the day if you want to take a look below...

Love Sophia xxx

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