Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Christmas Eve Basket 2016

Last year, when we were looking for traditions to start as a family, we came across the 'Christmas Eve Basket' idea. We loved doing it last year and I think that this year it will be even better, as Jackson will be a lot more aware. It also seems that this tradition has gone crazy recently with pre-made boxes available to buy and gorgeous personalised boxes with the children's names on, which are just beautiful. 

We are re-using quite a bit from last year; firstly the actually box. I love this one that I picked up from TK-Max. 

Inside are these gorgeous PJ's that we got from M&S. He has actually worn them once already for our Christmas cards, but more on that later!

I am re-using the plate and bowl that I brought from Matalan last year, but I have seen these in the shop again this year too (the plate is actually at my mum's house at the moment but you can seen it in last years blog!).

Also from Matalan, I brough this goregous cup for him. 

I was going to put in the same books as last year but I also wanted to read them to Jackson throughout Decemeber. I wasn't planning on getting a new one but saw this and just had to get it! You get a wind up sleigh and track with it and as you read the story the sleigh goes around. 

Another item from last year was this snowman teddy - he wasn't that into teddies back then but this year he seems to like them a lot more. 

I found this 'decorate your own' Christmas biscuit at Lidl, not sure how well he will decorate it but I am sure he will have fun eating it!

We don't have a chimney so we are re-using the magic key from last year to ensure that Santa can get into our house!

What else have you put into your children's Christmas Eve basket?

If you're struggling on what to buy your toddler for Christmas, check out yesterday's blog, 'Toddler gift ideas'.

Love Sophia xxx

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