Friday, 2 December 2016

Christmas Advent Calendar

I love Christmas and want to start doing some of the usual Christmas traditions with Jackson this year. However, the normal chocolate advent calendar was not something I wanted to do with him yet (24 days of a hyper toddler running around means I'd probably be grey before Christmas day arrives!). 

Instead, I have brought him 24 little presents that he will be able to open one of each day. I am just so excited to see his face every morning but I am pretty sure he will just want to open them all on the first day and then expect presents the whole of January too (but that is January's problem)!!! 

What I have brought him: 

Christmas T-shirts 

Christmas Socks

Ikea trains - spread across 3 separate days (we have brought him the train track as a stock filler to go with it)

Playdough - 2 each day spread across 2 separate days 

Happyland figures - 1 each day

Cars - 1 each day 

'Rufus' Reindeer toy

Mouth Organ

Christmas Hat, bargain from Primark!

Reindeer tree-decoration 

Chocolate coins - 1 each day and the rest for Mama and Dada! 

I bought 24 party bags from eBay to put each of the gifts in, along with numbers from Hobby Craft to label them. 

Once everything was wrapped up, I used these 24 pegs, which I already had, to hang them all up. We are going to do them in 3 lots of 8, as that was how they looked the best. 
One of our friends kindly brought Jackson an 'Elf on the Shelf' too, as an early Christmas present, so he's going to bring each batch for Jackson!

Let me know if you have done anything similar to this and how it is working out. 

Love Sophia xxx

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