Wednesday, 14 December 2016


Each year, we celebrate Christmas at a different family member's house and generally, the person that holds Christmas does all of the main cooking for Dinner while a few of us others help out and do the Canapés or Starters. I normally over eat on these nibbley bits, as they are just so good! But hey, isn't that what Christmas is all about!?!?! Well, that as well as presents! Hehe!

One bite-sized snack that I love to make for occasions such as this, are Brie and Cranberry Twists. These normally go down a treat, as long as you like brie and cranberry. They are very easy to make and look very attractive too. I am a massive fan of cheese, especially brie and, although you have to be careful with different cheeses when you are pregnant, the fact that it is cooked means it should be perfectly safe to eat. I will definitely be making these this year!

The next one looks so easy; Feta and Cucumber Bites. There are not many ingredients to this one, so someone who doesn't normally cook would be able to do these no problem (hint, hint husbands!!!). Even though this is a simple recipe, I think that it would be really fresh and nice to have something not so heavy on the menu. 

In our household, Halloumi is a big hit, so we loved the idea of the Naan, Spinach and Halloumi Bites. Again this one is fairly easy but does involve a bit more cooking. I also like that these are held together with a tooth-pick, so they are easy to pick up and eat while chatting and opening presents! 

The last is another cheese based option (last one, I promise, as you all probably think cheese is the only thing we eat in our house!). They are the Twisty Cheese Straws - another simple one that you could even do with the children, then you could blame the odd shapes on them, haha! However, I normally blame bad wrapping on the hubby!! 

What's your go-to recipe for nibbles like these? 

Love Sophia xxx

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