Wednesday, 14 December 2016

32 Week Pregnancy Update

Here is my 32 week pregnancy update...

Symptoms: I have been tired this week but I think it is self-inflicted, as I have been staying up far too late. A friend said that it's a hard time of year to be preganant as there is just so much going on and I totally agree - we have so much to do for Christmas so you don't get to do the relaxing part that you desperately need. We went up to London for a family day this week and my sciatic nerve hurt loads at the end of the day!!!!
Food Cravings: I still love Diet Coke!! 
Movement: Felt lots of movements this week. I also felt like the baby was laying horizontal before but now I think he/she has moved vertically again. It's still very early but it does feel better when the baby is vertical. 
Sleep: I have been going to bed late again and when I do go to sleep I am back to dreaming lots!
Things I am missing: Sleep!! 
Best Moment: Family day in London, doing a bit of sight seeing. 
Worst Moment: Nothing this week - yay!!!
Love Sophia xxx

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