Monday, 19 December 2016

Christmas Tree

Last year we had a fake tree, seen as Jackson was crawling around at the time, and it just didn't feel right to us. It was a really cheap one that we bought, so it was quite rubbish to be honest! Therefore, this year, we thought that we would go and get a real one again, even though Jackson is in to everything at the moment (we may regret this!). We also tried a new supplier this time, which was a local company that hires a hall every Sunday to sell their plants and flowers - during Christmas, Christmas Trees are added to their stock too. We didn't want a huge one so went for a 5 & 1/2 foot one. We also thought that we had gone for a skinner one but when we got home and put it up, it was much bigger than we had thought! It was, however, a bit of a bargain at under £30.

Like last year, our theme is red, white and silver. Chris is always the 'lights-putter-onner' as I just hate doing this. Then it's my turn to put the ball balls on. 

How good does it look! I was really pleased with the shape of it, once it was up and decorated. I think that next year I will look for a new star to go on top though, as I am not sure I like the one we have anymore! 

Olivia, my niece, made us a Christmas decoration to put on the tree and I love it! Amazingly, it matches our colour theme too! 

I picked this star up this year from Country Baskets. It's so sparkly!

Every year, I buy Jackson a new Christmas decoration of his own. Last year, I found this one saying his name which is so sweet and I love the fact it is a personalised one as Jackson can be tricky to find on things like these. 

Not sure where this one is from as it's a few years old but it is a satin one. The fairy lights really bounce off of it too. 

How close to Christmas do you put up your tree and are you a real or fake tree lover? 

Love Sophia xxx

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