Monday, 12 December 2016

What Jackson ate #2

Jackson has got so much better with eating recently but it can still be a bit of a struggle to get the veggies in him! Here is what he had one day...

1 and 1/2 weetabix with a few raspberries and some warm milk. I mix it all together to make a porridge-like consistency. 
He also had his milk like normal, a tangerine and 1/2 a banana. 

We went to a playgroup and he had a mixture of fruits and a few bread sticks.

It was an easy one for lunch; beans on toast with a side of grapes. This is a meal I know he will always eat and he did eat it all this time, apart from a few crusts (I don't get why all children seem to leave the crust!!). 

Strawberries, melon and a couple of cheesy biscuits. 

I was a bit of a wonder-mum this evening, as I made a mini roast! We didn't get round to it on Sunday so had to make it before it went off. He had roast chicken, broccoli and roast potatoes. Jackson ate all of the chicken but left the rest. We had a bit of a battle to get him to even try the broccoli! 
For dessert we gave him a yogurt. 

Love Sophia xxx

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