Wednesday, 7 December 2016

31 Week Pregnancy Update

Here is my 31 week pregnancy update...

(Didn't manage to get a picture this week)

Symptoms: This week I have been feeling great (well, as close to great as you can be when you're pregnant!). I am a bit slower than normal but have really tried to get out walking when I can, which I think helps loads. Unfortunately, I still have this bloody cold!!! When I was pregnant last time I was a vision of health - no colds or anything, but I am pretty sure that it's just because I have a toddler now and everyone knows that toddlers attract illnesses!!!!
Food Cravings: I still love Diet Coke!! 
Movement: I have had such a busy week that somedays I have got to the evening and can't remember when the last time I felt the bubba move was, but then, after a couple of minutes on the sofa, Beebee (which is what we are calling the baby) is rolling around like crazy. I also am pretty sure that Beebee is horizontal, so I must start sitting on my ball soon, although I still have loads of time for the baby to move into the right position. 
Sleep: I have had a couple of really late nights recently (well, for me anyway) which has really not helped the sleep situation!! I need to make sure that I get to bed earlier but with all the housework, my blogging hobby and Christmas shopping to do, it's difficult to get to bed on time! 
Things I am missing: Sleep!! 
Best Moment: Jackson's big-boy room being finished!! 
Worst Moment: Had an ear ache on yoga night so I couldn't go again!!!!
Love Sophia xxx

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