Wednesday, 21 December 2016

33 Week Pregnancy Update

Here is my 33 week pregnancy update...

Symptoms: I have been feeling the general pregnancy symptoms this week - tiredness, aches & pains, lots of heart burn and constant weeing! I have been very busy so haven't had any time to rest, but does anyone get to rest with a toddler and Christmas thrown into the mix?! I have also started to get to that point of thinking, 'how can I get any bigger'!!! As you can see from my picture, I am getting huge (especially in this particular picture!!!).
Food Cravings: I am eating a lot of mints but not sure if that really qualifies as a craving or whether it's just to help with the heart burn. 
Movement: I went to see The Bodyguard at the Theatre last weekend and the baby would not stop moving, must be a Whitney fan! 
Sleep: Sleep is getting a bit difficult, lots of tossing a turning and visits to the loo.
Things I am missing: Cheeses - this time of year is all about the cheese boards and when you're pregnant, there is only a select few you can have! 
Best Moment: My Yaya (Jackson's Gigi) coming over from Greece to spend Christmas with us. 
Worst Moment: Just feeling a bit boring in my clothes, having such a small wardrobe is starting to get annoying (so to fix this, I went shopping, yay!!!).
Love Sophia xxx

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